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The Omega Difference

The Omega Performance Blended Credit Training Experience

For almost 40 years, the Omega Performance credit training curriculum has provided a proven successful learning path to lending organizations throughout the world. Today, the effectiveness of our curriculum is enhanced substantially by applying modern learning principles, namely, through the implementation of learner-centric blended training. Blended training is based on the premise that students will deepen skill understanding and improve skill sustainment by 1) learning online at their own time, pace, place, or path; and, 2) participating in an in-person, group-based learning experience.

The Omega Performance blended training experience achieves the goals of delivering a dynamic, learner-centric approach that allows organizations to increase access to learning, enable the development of a sustained credit culture, and reduce unnecessary time-wasting activity.

Omega Performance Blended Training Solutions.

More training does not equate to better training – in fact, the best return on training investment is attained by delivering high quality training, to the right people, at the right time. This is the guiding principle behind our blended learning framework.

Self-Paced E-Learning
e_learning_icon_sm_whThe first step towards effective blended learning is to provide learners with educational content that is applicable to their professional development. Omega’s E-Learning courses offer a highly interactive experience, maintaining high learner interest that enhances understanding and application of the material. Supported by pre-tests and post-tests that gauge progress and results, these courses are the foundation for credit success.

Omega’s E-Learning increase access and availability of training across your organization and reduces time spent in the classroom. Gone are the days of un-engaging, static textbooks and workbooks. Learn more about E-Learning.

Skills Application Labs
After establishing an understanding of relevant credit skills, learners take the next step in the blendedSkills Application Lab Icon learning process by joining a group of peers for a live learning experience. Omega’s Skills Application Labs (SALs) are dynamic, highly interactive instructor-led training events where students learn from each other’s backgrounds, knowledge and experiences and become partners in learning. Built around real-world case studies that describe complicated business scenarios, attendees must make a number of critical business decisions – at times without 100% of the information available.

SALs evolved from traditional lecture-based workshops into collaborative environments that accelerate and deepen learning in less time.  Learn more about Skills Application Labs.

Credit Coaching & Mentoring
Manager-driven coaching and learning sustainment tools are a recognized component of effective competency development programs. In order to give our clients optimal gains on their training investments, Omega has designed an innovative blended coaching and mentoring program that enhances knowledge transfer and enables credit skills sustainment. The program includes tools, guides and scripts designed to empower managers and coaches with mentoring best practices and a sustainment road map. Customizable tools and templates save time while strengthening organizational results and returns on Omega’s training.

Omega’s Credit Coaching and Mentoring program empowers your high-performers with the tools needed to coach colleagues effectively – this is the key to sustaining a strong credit culture.

Focus on Credit.

Omega Performance courses cater to the unique training needs of lending organizations, providing a structured learning path and case studies specifically tailored to the lending environment. Our courses integrate Omega’s time-tested Credit Decision Strategy™, which provides a consistent and reliable framework for making sound credit and risk management decisions.