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Customer Success Stories

Credit training excellence. Since 1976.

Omega Performance has trained tens of thousands of banking professionals from more than 2,500 organizations around the globe. Our near 40 years of experience has shaped the development of our standardized credit training curriculum and guides our keen ability to help modern banks establish training solutions that work for their unique business model. Read a few of our case studies below and please get in touch to learn how we can help your organization meet its training objectives.

Integrated Credit and Sales Training at Investors Bank

Business Challenge/Opportunity:
BNI strives to be the bank of choice by providing value-added solutions to all of its customers, and be known for innovation and excellence. Maintaining the spirit of the heroic national struggle that is rooted it its history, BNI wants to increase its contribution to the progress of the nation and country with a tagline “Serving the Country, the Pride of the Nation”.

Omega Performance Solution:
The bank’s head of learning and development and his team sought support from the heads of business to regionally track the adoption and progress of the training solution. They inspired and motivated employees to see the benefit in learning the credit risk methodology. When some of the employees found the English training material hard to comprehend, Omega found a solution and offered training material in Bahasa. Omega Performance has experts that conduct interactive workshops in Bahasa, too, which further fortifies the goal to raise the caliber of banking staff worldwide while breaking language barriers that may exist.

A goal that BNI’s learning and development leader had set, was changing the attitudes of some of the more experienced credit officers, who were unyielding to adapt to any new credit training initiatives, especially those involving eLearning. The BNI employees further validated that our facilitator-led interactive workshops made their foundation stronger. It is also interesting to note that until the first-half of the live training workshop, participants saw little value in the course content, but that significantly changed by the second-half of the same workshop. This motivated them to dig deeper into the course topic. “The training refreshed my memory and practical knowledge about basic accounting and credit analysis concepts that you usually know about but are uncertain about how to apply the concept in your day-to-day job,” said a BNI training participant.

After going through the second half of the training, participants were more conducive to learning and expressed that they were able to go beyond the system and tool dependency and use their human decision-making skills.

National bank requires enterprise-wide commercial credit training.

Business Challenge/Opportunity:
Seeking to increase nationwide market share for high quality loans in the Commercial lending segment, this bank identified the need to formally train and up-skill their existing workforce. While formal training in commercial credit was acknowledged as a national objective, it was equally important to ensure that prospective trainees were first assessed to ensure relevance and impact of specific courses while keeping downtime away from the field to a minimum.

Omega Performance Solution:
Given the immediacy of our client's need to begin gaining commercial lending marketshare within the current quarter, Omega was able to rollout a turnkey training program to the nationwide lending force. By working with the client's learning and development leaders, Omega's training consultants identified a plan that took existing internal training efforts into consideration, ensuring a high-impact training partnership.

The Omega Performance Commercial Credit training curriculum was deployed through our E-Learning platform where learners are able to log-in at any time to go through the interactive courses and save progress for future access. Additionally, the bank afforded all trainees the opportunity to safely practice and hone judgement skills using SimuStar, our real-world online credit simulation program.

In conjunction with the bank's learning and development leadership, a bank-specific certification process was formed to ensure adequate understanding of critical commercial lending skills.

Regional bank protects home market and improves reputation.

Business Challenge/Opportunity:
This mid-sized bank found itself in a challenging position that was ripe for opportunity. Amidst trying national economic times, the bank's regional home was demonstrating positive commercial growth that attracted the attention of other regional and national banks. The bank recognized its strength as a regionally embedded member of local business communities and identified a market gap for forward-thinking lenders that were proactive in helping local businesses take advantage of the positive economic trajectory. To take advantage of this opportunity it was necessary to formally train the bank's lenders and managers in the specific area of small business credit.

Omega Performance Solution:
The Omega Performance Small Business Credit curriculum focuses on providing lenders with the skills needed to identify, assess, structure, and negotiate high quality loans while training on principles and nuances of building relationships, networking, and selling to small businesses. Established to follow the Omega Decision Strategy™ framework, our curriculum provided this bank's trainees with more than small business credit and sales training, by laying the groundwork for a refreshing shift to a robust organizational credit culture that ensured higher quality loan portfolios and a sustained increase in customer satisfaction.

National bank strengthens commercial lending value proposition.

Business Challenge/Opportunity: As one of the nation's most prominent banks facing the need to differentiate themselves in the crowded commercial lending market and to ensure a healthy credit culture, our client identified the need to augment its internal training programs with Omega's formal training solutions. Furthermore, the continuing acquisition-based growth strategy required a standardized program for training acquired bankers, new hires, and existing bankers to achieve nationwide quality consistency.

Omega Performance Solution: Through in-depth assessments of existing enterprise-wide competencies, focus groups with senior credit officers and bank leadership, and reviews of the bank's credit policies and procedures, Omega was able to deliver a multi-faceted solution that successfully prepares bankers of all experience levels. The bank integrated the Omega Decision Strategy™ framework into it's credit policies and procedures while leveraging E-Learning, Webinars, Instructor-led Workshops, and the SimuStar credit training simulation platform to establish a robust training program, complete with detailed reporting that enables benchmarking and an internal certification process.

Today, the bank's new hire training program is considered the top training program in North America; furthermore, upon implementing Omega's training programs the bank reduced training costs substantially, largely due to a shift from internally-delivered workshops to Omega's interactive E-Learning courses.

More case studies coming soon!