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Credit Culture

Defining credit culture for modern banking.

All banks establish and maintain policies that govern the management of credit, setting formal processes and boundaries for staff to work within. Today’s progressive banks take this a step further, by understanding that sound credit management doesn’t only appease regulators, but also enables a customer-centric market positioning that goes a long way in a competitive marketplace. These banks elevate the importance of credit policy by promoting informed and professional credit input at all staff levels, creating a proactive “credit culture” where people take pride in their credit skills and are held accountable for the quality of the recommendations they make.

Omega’s training curriculum supports our customers by ensuring that their most valuable asset, their people, are proactive contributors to the strong credit culture.

How Omega helps you build a strong credit culture.

For almost 40 years, Omega has been partnering with banks of all sizes to provide the credit skills needed to grow and maintain high quality loan portfolios. Today, we offer an updated curriculum of credit skills and credit sales skills courses that cover the loan process from end-to-end. Though progressive cultural change requires a multi-faceted approach, our customers have consistently agreed that a structured approach to credit training is a critical capacity-building factor for establishing a sustainable credit culture.

Structuring credit skills training for maximized results.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 12.14.26 PMMore training does not equate to better training – in fact, the best return on training investment is attained by delivering high quality training, to the right people, at the right time. This is the guiding principle behind our blended learning framework.

Self-Paced E-Learning
The first step towards effective blended learning is to provide learners with educational content that is applicable to their professional development. Omega’s E-Learning courses offer a highly interactive experience, maintaining high learner interest that enhances understanding and application of the material. Supported by pre-tests and post-tests that gauge progress and results, these courses are the foundation for credit success.

Omega’s E-Learning increase access and availability of training across your organization and reduces time spent in the classroom. Gone are the days of un-engaging, static textbooks and workbooks. Learn more about E-Learning.

Skills Application Labs
After establishing an understanding of relevant credit skills, learners take the next step in the blended learning process by joining a group of peers for a live learning experience. Omega’s Skills Application Labs (SALs) are dynamic, highly interactive instructor-led training events where students learn from each other’s backgrounds, knowledge and experiences and become partners in learning. Built around real-world case studies that describe complicated business scenarios, attendees must make a number of critical business decisions – at times without 100% of the information available.

SALs evolved from traditional lecture-based workshops into collaborative environments that accelerate and deepen learning in less time. Learn more about Skills Application Labs.

Credit Coaching & Mentoring
Manager-driven coaching and learning sustainment tools are a recognized component of effective competency development programs. In order to give our clients optimal gains on their training investments, Omega has designed an innovative blended coaching and mentoring program that enhances knowledge transfer and enables credit skills sustainment. The program includes an E-Learning course as well as supporting tools, guides and scripts designed to empower managers and coaches with mentoring best practices and a sustainment road map. Customizable tools and templates save time while strengthening organizational results and returns on Omega’s training.

Omega’s Credit Coaching and Mentoring program empowers your high-performers with the tools needed to coach colleagues effectively – this is the key to sustaining a strong credit culture.

Which training solutions are right for you?

Omega’s training solutions are designed to educate, sustain, and continuously improve credit skill development throughout your organization. By specifically focusing on credit skills, and offering innovative online and offline learning formats, our curriculum can easily be integrated into any bank’s existing learning and development framework.

We want to partner with you as you forge the path towards building a sustainable, strong credit culture and we are happy to share our experience working with banks of all shapes and sizes. Our training advisors listen to your unique business objectives and provide the information you need to make an educated decision, get in touch with our online form or call us at 703-558-4440.