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Case Studies

Put to the Test: Individualized Analysis of Real World Scenarios
Expert lenders are grown through experience —but their learning curve can be long and fraught with risk for their organization. Omega Performance’s Case Study Library provides lenders with an opportunity to gain valuable experience quickly and without exposing their organization to risk. Each case presents learners with a lending scenario similar to one they would encounter on the job. Learners must analyze the information provided about the opportunity in order to formulate—and ultimately submit—a loan recommendation. Once their recommendations have been submitted, they are evaluated by a credit expert. Then, learners meet with that expert and their peers to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of their recommendations and receive real-time feedback.
How It Works Case studies allow participants to apply their skills individually through analysis of real world cases. This is followed by an expert-led Credit Solutions Roundtable discussion where participants receive real-time feedback on their analyses. The program includes:
  • A 4-hour self-paced online case analysis where students complete their analysis of real world cases individually and make recommendations, including loan structure and terms.
  • The student's recommendations are reviewed by an expert, who tailors the Credit Solutions Roundtable discussion to address strengths and weaknesses of submitted recommendations.
  • A 2-3-hour Credit Solutions Roundtable discussion is led by an expert to discuss key issues regarding the case studies. Participants reevaluate their initial recommendations in small groups and formulate their final recommendations.
Results & Business Benefits Upon completion, participants will be able to:
  • Improving their ability to assess and manage risk on behalf of the institution resulting in the highest quality credit decisions
  • Evaluating on an individual basis the strengths and weaknesses the case scenarios
  • Constructing a written justification for their credit recommendations
  • Articulating and defending their recommendations verbally in a group of their peers
  • Self-assessing their credit recommendations based on feedback
  • Answering challenges to their recommendations
  • Answering the “What if’s” and “Why’s” of their recommendations
  • Gaining experience in a variety of different lending scenarios
Who Should Attend Anyone with commercial lending or small business lending responsibilities, including lenders, credit underwriters, loan reviewers, and branch managers who could benefit from additional experience with a variety lending scenarios in the commercial lending or small business lending market.
Case Study Library Case Studies currently support the Commercial Loans to Business course and the Commercial Loans to Small Business course. You can also view the entire Case Study library.