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Credit Training Catalog
High-Impact Credit Training Catalog
Your organization’s guide for loan portfolio success. Our updated and newly designed catalog is your comprehensive resource for all of Omega's credit training solutions.
Whitepapers and E-Books
Building a Strong Credit Culture: Best Practices for Modern Bankers
What's in a bank's credit culture? The credit culture of a bank goes beyond risk management and becomes a core differentiator in the crowded marketplace for loans. Download this white paper to learn more.
Maximizing Results, Minimizing Risk
Build a high-quality loan portfolio using effective opportunity analysis and strong risk management practices
The Front Nine
How to beat par in small business banking. An eBook by Omega Performance.
Interactive Tools and Multimedia
The Red Flag Challenge
Learn about common red flags to look for in a borrower's financial statements. Then put your skills to test by taking the Red Flag Challenge.
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