Make Small Business Lending Your Business

Small businesses, like their owners, are unique. The most successful lenders are continuously learning to understand the needs of individual small businesses and how best to address their operational and lending needs. Small businesses need a lending partner who can help them do more than tread water. They need a partner who knows how to get them on track on for sustainable growth.

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Learn How Small Business Lending is Reshaping the Lending Landscape and the Best Practices for Moving Ahead in the Industry

Four Key Components to Expand Small Business Lending Successfully



Small business is growing in the U.S. adding more jobs than large businesses. The small business lending market in the U.S. has an estimate value of $186 billion and small businesses are increasingly seeking lending from banks, credit unions and alternative lenders.


Unique Financial

Financial documents, profit margins, operating costs, sales cycles and more vary not only by industry, but by invididual small businesses. Lenders need the business acumen to understand the full financial picture of a business in order to be a valuable lending partner.


Attributes of
Successful Lenders

Successful lenders have the business acumen to ask smart questions and use a variety of analysis tools to assess the the needs of each business quickly. They also not only to structure a credit package to meet the borrower's needs, they make useful suggestions to improve the financial efficiency of the business.


Best Practices
For Success

The most successful small business lenders are constantly learning the "why's" behind approved and declined loans. This learning needs to be fostered by managers to improve lending abilities. With increasing understanding of small businesses' needs, lenders become partners that small businesses trust.

Snippets from the White Paper

Because most small businesses may be willing to pay more for credit in order to secure the capacity they need, the spreads on these loans are often larger than the spreads for mid-market or commercial loans.

...the small business is paying higher-than-average merchant fees on credit and debit card transactions. By bundling merchant sevices within a full relationship with the financial institution, the lender may be able to offer more attractive pricing.

Small Businesses Need a Savvy Lending Partner to Power their Growth

Learn the Best Practices to Meet Their Needs and Your Target Returns

small business lending white paper
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